Hi, it's nice to meet you.

I'm a Canadian Product Designer obsessed with the intricacies of human psychology.
I focus on merging user goals and business objectives using elegant and impactful design.

Design principles 



Every decision, from big to small, is backed up with a "why" and a clear goal. I go back to the start with every step forward, collaborating with stakeholders to fully understand the product ecosystem as I experiment to find solutions. 






I'm obsessed with understanding people and I adopt a lifelong learner mindset, seeking challenges wherever I go. I question my assumptions and biases with my love of research and am constantly looking for new ways to connect with people and the environment around me. 


The world is defined by connections and design is no different. When one part of a pattern or behaviour is altered, it affects the greater whole. I look to understand product development holistically and seek to optmize processes for better information transfer and a consistent understanding of the user or challenge.



Designed by Gabriela Barneva.                            
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